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Stuck for date ideas in Shoreditch? Well luckily for you we created an extensive list of all the best places and ideas for things to do on a date in Shoreditch! 

For some people date night is a big deal. Roses, chocolate, a reservation at Hotel a La Fancy. The world seems to perpetuate this ideal of what a date should be. You see it in movies when the main girl spends two hours getting ready and the man turns up in a tux. We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen our date show up decked out head to toe.  

If this if your kind of gig and you want to recreate that movie magic, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  

Whether it’s big gestures, standing in her garden with a boom box blaring full volume and shooting stars traversing across the sky, or 

 Actually, quite easy to recreate if you think about. Maybe you might have to replace the old cassette players for your amazon echo or google home. However, these few minor things should do the treat, and work a treat getting in your partner’s good books. 

So, for a quick summary if you are looking for things to do in Shoreditch on a date, we’ve got you. From posh picnics to cosy cinemas, whether you want to go big or low-key stay at home we’ve got something for everyone. Keep reading for a quick guide to date ideas in Shoreditch.  

Picnics in Shoreditch 

Picnics are a great setting for a date. They can be casual. The type you don’t have to put any effort into. Simply swing by the Coop to grab some sarnies before heading out.  

Shoreditch date night with a picnic in the park
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They can also be really romantic and posh. Grab the ice bucket and some champagne and, my darling, people will think you’re the third earl of Wessex. 

Picnic dates are also great because if things aren’t going well, maybe the chats run out or they won’t stop talking about their ex, then you can make a run for it. Quite literally, you’re in a large expanse of grass with exits on all sides. Mind you, better wear running trainers if this is your plan.  

If you’re looking for park recommendations go check out our other blog article with … The Ultimate Guide to the Best Parks in and Around Shoreditch

Brick Lane in Shoreditch 

Brick Lane is the cultural hub of Shoreditch. Its what The Kings Road (nicknamed the KR) was to youths growing up in the 80s and 90s. A place to hang out and chill with your mates. The edgy vibe and quirky mix of shops inspire street fashion photographers and food bloggers internationally.  

However, as a tourist destination it doesn’t have the same overwhelming business of other places in London. It’s a lot more mellow than Oxford circus, Hyde Park of even Camden. So, if you’re looking to escape the crowds its great place to go. 

Shoreditch date night at the Boxpark cocktail bar
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There’s also a lot to do, which makes it great for a date in Shoreditch. You can grab a bite to eat at The Boxpark or one of the lovely local independents in the area. The Boxpark is a collection of restaurants, shops and retailers housed inside nicely done-up shipping containers. The top deck is a great place to grab a drink and turns into a bit of a nightclub in the evenings. They have events so be sure to check out their website if you plan on going. 

If you fancy a quick snog be sure to pick up one of these amazing frozen deserts …

Shoreditch Date with a snog frozen yogurt
Instagram @ kahocafe

If you’re looking for something more active head to the charity shops and browse endless, unique buys. There’s lot of them to visit and you can slowly work your way through them by just walking along the street. For more information on the vintage shops in Shoreditch check out our blog post … Sustainable shopping: The Best Vintage Shops in and Around Shoreditch 

Museums in Shoreditch 

If you’re feeling cultural Shoreditch is a great place to see museums and art galleries. Take a peek at the exhibits and immerse yourself in London culture.  

Shoreditch date night at the Whitechapel Gallery
Instagram @ galleriesnow

Whitechapel Gallery have some lovely displays or art. They’re based in Shoreditch, just along the road from Algate-East Station. It’s free entry and a short walk from Brick Lane. If you’re feeling artsy it’s a great idea to start here and then take a tour of the surrounding Brick Lane art and cultural landmarks.  

The Royal London Hospital Museum is just along the road from Whitechapel Gallery. This means its also a short walk from Algate-East Station, or closest to Whitechapel Station on the over ground, and can become part of your walking tour or Shoreditch. Entry is also free, making it student budget friendly and a cheap date. Admittedly it’s not the most romantic of places, but its quirky displays are great for sparking interesting conversation. For a start, the museum itself is based in a former crypt of a, late 19th century, early English Church. Haunted – quite possibly! 

Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch 

It’s cocktail time! But in a whole new arena, and yes that arena is a ball pit. 

Shoreditch date night at ballie ballerson. Couple on a date.
Instagram @ itsjustjayjay3

Who knew you’d really be saying to your friends “oh yes, and then we went to a ball pit”! This is not the kind of play date a two-year-old would imagine as they perk up to the image of playing in the ball pit. 

This is swarve, sophistication and simply fun! 

They do bottomless brunch, VIP tables and some great cocktails. The atmosphere is perfect – not too much pressure, but a great vibe to feel like you both made an effort. There’s something about the melding of kid and adult, between alcohol and play area that makes these experience so unique.  

Shoreditch date night at ballie ballerson. Romantic cocktail.
Instagram @ ballieballerson

If you’re hungry you can grab a bite to eat as well. Their pizzas are boujee and all appropriately named. Personal favourite would be the ‘Is BBQ A Carb?’ matched with the ‘Hubba Hubba Bubba’ Margarita. If your scared of bloating then they also have smaller sides, likes fries which you can garnished with both truffle and parmesan. If you’re planning on stealing some of your dates chips maybe think again and order for yourself, this can be a big turn off! If you’re a big fan of Friends, you will know the exact scene we’re referencing to (think “Joey doesn’t share food”). 

Wrangle tip: Best not to wear a dress or a skirt and maybe ditch the heels if you plan on diving into this adventure. 

Bowling in Shoreditch 

Shoreditch has some of the coolest Mini Golf bars in London. If you’re down for neon lights and vintage interiors these crazy golf places are ideal (and great for getting that Instagram too). 

Shoreditch date night at Plonk Crazy Golf.
Instagram @ arabellabd

You don’t have to know anything about golf. No hip movements or amount of coordination is needed for this date to be successful.  

It’s also quite nice to have the structure, you don’t have to worry about where the date is headed. You know within 10 minutes you’ll be at the 17th hole and can decide where things go from there. 

Conversation is easy as all you need to talk about is what you are doing. No need to talk about the weather (its England, we know it’s raining). Instead you can talk about the aesthetics, the best tactics or spar about who will win. For want of better words you can just look to the situation at hand… 

Suggested conversation starters: 

  1. Have you ever played golf before? 
  1. I bet you can’t get a birdie (in golf lingo a birdie is when you make it to the hole in one less shot then the round number)? 
  1. It’s time to par-tee! 

Cinemas in Shoreditch 

Going to the cinema at the start of a date is a great idea for things to do in Shoreditch. This gives you unlimited conversation points for the rest of the date.  

This is a good tactic in general if you are looking for date ideas. Start with something that can spur the conversation. Something adventurous or different. Finish later with settings where you can discuss the date and get cosy, like star gazing and all that nonsense.  

It’s also a great way to suss out what kind of person your date is as the film will bring up topics without you needing to. For example, say it’s the movie Pets and your date hides in fear at the cartoon dog; you’ve got a deal breaker there. They’re not a dog person. This can be great for more important topics too. Set the scene, you’re watching The Orphan and your partner turns to you and tells you they don’t want to have kids (which given the movie is probably a fair enough reaction). This could also be a deal breaker for you, but great to have found out in a context where you didn’t have to force the question. So, if you’re struggling to find a way to ask something watching a movie can be a great way to bring it up. 

Shoreditch date night at rich mix cinema London.
Instagram @ richmixlondon

Shoreditch houses some really cool cinemas that are great for date settings. Rich Mix is one of these and hosts regular viewings to selected films. They also have a great collection of art and independent art production. If you arrive early pop over to their Mezzanine Gallery to check out what they have on display. If you really want to impress you can hire out the space, just for the two of you. 

Shoreditch date night at electric cinema.
Instagram @ _dazzle_rae

The Electric Cinema also have a venue in Shoreditch. If you’re searching for cool, vintage interiors then look no further. They have comfy big sofas for you to snuggle up on and low-level lighting to set the mood. 

We hope your date goes swimmingly and our suggestions make it the special night you want it to be! If you think we’re missing anything off this list do get in contact with us … 


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