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We all love a couple of lazy Sundays, sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. But being, stuck at home we all get bored. There’s always a lack of things to do and you might find yourselves wishing you were out and about with your mates. 

However, with a low budget you can find it hard getting creative and thinking up new things to do with friends and active ways to get out and about.  

Luckily for you we have combined a list of cheap things to do in Shoreditch, ideal for a student budget. 

London has many secret, fun things to do, yet most of these can be seriously expensive. This is not ideal if you’re a student. Therefore, we thought we might share some of our ideas of things to do (the most of which are free) that can get you out the house if you’re bored. 

We’ve also listed some tips and tricks along the way to get the most out the experiences. For example, if you love running, but struggle getting motivated you can get a running buddy or download an App. If you fancy some yoga, why not make a night of it and have some cocktails afterwards. 

So, here’s some fun ways to GET OUT and GET ACTIVE!  

Yoga in Shoreditch × free 

Picture the scene: it’s a warm Friday evening, there is a light breeze cooling you down and you feel that stress in your back and neck dissipate.  

Now you don’t have to be some uber rich yummy mummy on their holiday in Saint Tropez to do Sunset Yoga. 

You don’t even need a gym membership. 

Simply get yourself, a group of friends and a yoga matt down to your local park and stream a Youtube class on your phone. 

Wrangle tip: Sunset Yoga is best served with homemade cocktails afterwards.  

Running in Shoreditch × free 

Running is a great way to feel better!  

It is scientifically proven that exercise boosts your mood, as running releases endorphins in your brain, which make you happy. 

“Being physically active can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, encourage the release of endorphins (your body’s feel-good chemicals) and improve self-esteem.”


If you’re struggling to get motivated get an App to track your distance. Strava is particularly good as it creates a community with your friends, where you support each other by liking their runs. You can also join a running club or Park Run who host organised 5km every week.  

Running along the river in London as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @run.mcaskill

Here are some good places to run in Shoreditch: 

Wrangle Tip: Download Strava for more recommend routes. 

Local Sport’s Clubs in Shoreditch × free 

Basketball on an old graffiti court as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @eagleintheskys

Joining a Local Sport’s Club might at first seem dauting, especially if it’s something you’ve never tried before. But most of these sports clubs have open sessions (for free!) specially for beginners to come along.  

It’s an open space where everyone is in the same boat and you can always drag along a friend for company. 

Swimming in Shoreditch × free 

Girl swimming bikini as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @shenyueding

Truly the best way to cool off on a summer’s day is to go swimming. If you want to go swimming in Shoreditch, you can make your way to your local pool or you could try wild swimming. 

Wild swimming is a new craze, where people brave the cold English rivers for a bit exercise. It can be dangerous though, so best to stick to the advice listed on their website. 

Bike Rides in Shoreditch × £ 

Rows of electric bikes as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @deanspettro

Cycling in London is great for a student budget, because you can hop onto your own bike or rent one very cheaply. We particularly love biking to our local park and having a picnic with friends.  

Bike paths are making things a lot safer, but if you don’t like going on the road then stick to local parks and designated routes. 

Wrangle Tip: You can search on Komoot or Strava for cycling roots in Shoreditch. 

 Picnic in Shoreditch × £ 

When the weather is sunny and you can’t afford to eat out, why not try nipping down to Friends of Ours Cafe to get the Vegan Burrito and pick up something sweet from Crosstown Doughnuts. Then you can head to the park with your friends, lay out a blanket and sunbathe. 

Girl having a picnic in the park as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @olichka_art

If you want to get active bring a frisbee, football or if it’s hot enough have a water balloon fight. 

We here at Wrangle are particularly big fans of Spikeball. This game involves a seriously competitive demeanour and acute attention skills. The game works by bouncing the ball onto the net for your competitor to rally back to you. You can play it in teams with your team mates helping you out by fielding in different positions. It’s great fun, but also can spur some intense rivalry, so be warned! 

If you’re looking for parks in Shoreditch check out our blog article … The Ultimate Guide to the Best Parks in and Around Shoreditch.

Mini Golf in Shoreditch × ££ 

Students playing mini gold at Junk Yard Golf Club as a Fun Active Things to do in Shoreditch With a Low Budget
Instagram @junkyardgolfclub

Shoreditch has some of the coolest Mini Golf bars in London. If you’re down for neon lights and vintage interiors these crazy golf places are ideal (and great for getting that Instagram too).  

You don’t have to be any good at golf to have a successful trip to a Mini Golf centre. Some of the best times had here are more to with the drinks, the food and the laughs you have with your mates.


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