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During Lockdown we have revived our love of pub quizzes.  

Having your friends and family on group calls can be so much fun, but do you also find it can be a nightmare? Trying to hear from everybody, when people are talking over each other is just not the same as seeing people in person. Especially when you’re trying to get updates about everyone lives, and there’s always that one person who won’t stop talking about themselves.  

This is the thing that is great about quizzes. Nothing gives better structure to a Zoom call than a quiz and it’s just great for a laugh. 

A quiz puts someone in charge and when you get to off topic, this person can stop the distractions and get back to the matter at hand; the quiz.  

But after doing a new quiz week after week it’s hard to find ways to top your mates. So, to help you stay ahead of the game we’ve decided to share some of my ideas. 

Here is a guide to some fun pub quiz questions for students! 

Wrangle tip: No need to worry about the technical side of things as for all of our suggestions all you need to create your own student pub quiz is a laptop and PowerPoint. 

Emoji Picture Round 

Pick any topic and get creative! We’ve chosen cocktails as an example with a range of easy and hard questions (feel free to copy and paste this directly into your quiz).  

M 🎨 + ☕️ + 🦵 

👩‍❤️‍👨 +  🏖  

↔️ +  🏝 + ❄️+ ☕️  

👵🏻 + 👗 👚 👕  

💉D + 🐴 E 

⚪️ +  🇷🇺  

⚫️ +  ⛈  

⚙️ + 🚘  

🍑 +🔔 E + 🦵 

 ♏️⛔️G 🦶🏻 

  1. Martini  
  1. Sex on the beach 
  1. Long Island iced tea 
  1. Old fashioned  
  1. Bloody Mary  
  1. White Russian  
  1. Dark and stormy  
  1. Screwdriver  
  1. Peach Bellini 
  1. Mojito 

Wrangle tip: Use design ideas on PowerPoint if you want to jazz up the layout of your slideshow. 

Venn Diagrams  

Venn Diagrams might give you flashbacks to GCSE Maths, but I promise Venn diagrams can be fun when used in the right way. 

Venn diagrams are those diagrams with all the circles showing overlapping links between different sets of data. You can use this to make your friends guess the link between groups of things. 

For example: 

venn diagram round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

The circle on the left has famous people with the name Joe: Joe Biden, Joe Exotic and Joe Russo. 

The circle on the right has characters from Little Women, with the character Jo missing. 

Therefore, the link between both groups is the name Joe. 

Here’s some more for you to play with: 

venn diagram round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

The answer: Taylor Swift, the circle on the left has her songs and the circle on the right has celebrities she has dated. 

venn diagram round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

The answer: The Great Gatsby, the circle on the left has the main cast members and the circle on the right has the producers and directors. 

The ‘History’ Round 

This is a History round but not History as you know it.  

Chuck out the textbooks and start studying your friends’ texts, profiles, group chats. This round is about reminiscing all the crazy things you guys have done together. 

Was his name Harry? … Henry? … And what exactly was that horrific pick up line he used? 

Select a list of your best questions about your past and see who remembers the tricky details. 

How many times did Jack get kicked out that night? … was it two? … or three? 

Or you can get your friends to send in a random fact about themselves, and you have to match the facts up to the person. 

Was is Josie or Connor who skived Cross Country in six-form? 

Encrypted Text Messages  

Bring on an onslaught of digs about sliding into their DMs. You can make this round as cheeky or as academic as you like. Although here at Wrangle we say the cheekier the better. 

The numbers show the digits that you would type into your old Nokia to send a text (what a throwback). Then get your friends to decode the numbers to figure what they spell out. 

Here’s an example: 

encrypted text messages round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

The Left-hand column list the texts to decode, with the right-hand column showing the answers. For example, to type KK you would have to press the 5 digit twice. 

If you want to make easier, you can set up the round to directly imitate how we used to type, where you’d have to select the digit a number of times to get a Y or Z.  

Wrangle tip: See if you can throw in infamous old texts from your mates. 

The Facebook Deep Dive 

Facebook is an amazing portal to see your friends right through all those awkward teenage years. The best being braces and daily status updates.  

Facebook stalking for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas
Instagram @ Kon Karampelas

For pub quiz question ideas, you can make your friends guess who wrote what. For another idea try covering their faces and guess who wore what. The fashion styles of the 00s where truly some interesting years.   

Wrangle tip: No need to be too savage, if you think there’s anything that might be problematic always best to drop your friend a message to double check. 

Guess Who? 

Do you remember that old boardgame where you would flip up all the little characters and have to guess who the other person had picked? 

No, not ringing a bell. Maybe one of these questions sound familiar: Do you have ginger hair? Do you wear glasses? Are you wearing a hat? 

Well, here we are going to take Guess Who into the 21st century. 

Get all of your friends to send pictures of their feet and hands (other appropriate body parts you can steal off Facebook!). Then make a selection of images with everybody’s body parts. 

Here’s an example: 

Guess who round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

Once you’ve done this you can make your friend’s guess whose body part is who’s. 

Guess who round for Student Pub Quiz Questions & Ideas

Or if you are feeling creative you can make a Frankenstein’s monster. Simply take the body parts and layer them onto one of your friend’s face.

You don’t need to use any fancy editing software. We just used PowerPoint and clicked ‘remove background’ to create these images. 

Wrangle tip: You can layer your friends faces on top of each other, or if you want to make it harder do this with pictures of your friends’ parents instead.  


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