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Looking for an awesome night mini-golfing in Shoreditch? Here are the funniest and quirkiest mini golf courses for you to try.

Recently, mini-golf courses are becoming more popular. Gone are the old run-down parks filled with mums and dads and their fighting children in open fields, now replaced by new courses tucked away in unlikely locations including abandoned warehouses and even WW2 bunkers. So gather your mates, and we’ll show you the best places to swing the clubs in Shoreditch:

Plonk Golf

Neon indoor golf course at Plonk Golf
Instagram @plonkgolf

We all know that a victory is not a victory without a celebratory pint. Nobody gets that more than the folks over at Plonk who turn your day of mini-golfing domination into a night of celebratory excess. Their crazy golf course presents you with seven fiendishly tricky holes to tackle, and their B.Y.O.B courses are brilliant (in case you want a real challenge). On the off chance that you don’t enjoy golf (and we’re not here to judge if you don’t!) the whole place is brimming with an arcade full of classic games that will keep you entertained all night long. 

Plonk golf logo with flowers
Instagram @plonkgolf

Their fancy interactive ping pong table is something you should try without question. The same applies to their in-house restaurant and a glorious bar where you can demand the triumph pints we know you deserve. 

You`ll have a blast grabbing a celebratory fest drink when you and your mates are all done.

Junkyard Golf

What you see is what you get: their first crazy mini-golf course was literally built out of random pieces of junk. But their current extravagant set-up in the Truman Brewery has taken their madness to a whole new level. The venue offers four bizarre nine-hole courses. Think of a rusted Junkyard with scrappy slides, circus freaks and jungle bathtubs with lots of U.V paint, and countless weird sculptures – and that’s just on the first course! Other courses include a polluted world filled with tropical madness, an auto-junk scrap yard with no end of written-off cars and pillars of tyres, and even a hall of mirrors! Be prepared for you and your crew to get bamboozled in the best way, and downright competitive.

The venue has food and a bar for all you sore losers to drink away your sorrows. The food menu offers your favourite fast-food feasts, including hot dogs, burgers, nachos and popcorn. 

Why not try out their crazy cocktails like the “Welcome to Jamrock”, just thinking of that rum and elderflower mix makes us thirsty!


Yes, the name might seem controversial, but don’t be fooled – Swingers Crazy Golf is one of the most upmarket mini-golf courses in Greater London. 

Drink indoors golf course at Swingers Golf
Instagram @swingersldn

Without question, every golfer who is worth their salt has made par on one of their courses. Located in a cavernous WW2 bunker near the Gherkin, the venue offers two luxurious nine-hole courses –  the Lighthouse course and the Windmill course – which could leave you in a spin if you’re not careful.

Swingers have some of the best street food available in town, including Patty & Bun and Breddos Tacos – and don’t get us started on the cocktails! One of the things that makes this place truly amazing is their boomerang podium! A platform where you can show everybody who is the true champion of the day in the praised glorious form of a boomerang.

Indoor golf course at Swingers Golf
Instagram @swingersldn

If after reading this you have doubts, imagine all that the PGA tour is missing like tiny shafts, Little catwalks with lace on the sides, Dinosaurs, Rotating windmill obstacles.

We know, these places have it all.

Think we’ve scored a hole-in-one with our recommended mini-golf courses? Or do you think we’re missing your favourite local golf spot? Let us know what you think and email your favourite places to

All these places are fun group activities in a central location. While the mini-golf makes it enjoyable, the atmosphere and quality craftsmanship of all the courses make it everyone a unique experience. So prepare your golf clubs and make sure to make as many holes in one as possible and don’t forget to toast each one! 

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