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We all thought that all this working from home would be a dream of milk and honey, but the reality has been a challenge, to say the least. Your PJs are your new office wear (in the best of the cases), and your office becomes, well let’s be honest, your bed. Before you know it, you’ve stopped taking showers, and your email is full again because you just finished a 5-hour YouTube marathon. It’s probably best to keep your new freelance hours in check, and our list of the best places to work from in Shoreditch will help you do just that. Don’t worry; these brilliant places have great Wi-Fi and everything you need to get down to work.

Forge & Co

We start with one classy venue, Forge & Co. It’s a beautiful four-floor building from the 1950s with all the charm and space you could wish for. 

Best places to work from in Shoreditch
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It offers you everything, from desks handcrafted with a brilliant design and fully equipped for individuals or teams to a variety of rooms that will accommodate your necessities. 

They even have two cafes, the SPELZINi and Luigi’s Bar, both ready in case you want fresh vegetable juice or a snack while tackling the keyboard.

They even have an art gallery in case you need some inspiration. Very fancy, right? 

Love Shake

Ah, Love Shake! This place is exactly what your 12-year-old imagination expected a pub to be like – but instead of ale, they have milkshakes and high-speed Wi-Fi. But don’t worry, they know you will need to eat too and designed a menu full of waffles, hot dogs and biscuits. 

In case you have not noticed, the theme of Love Shake is a mix of the American diner and superior English music. So you can expect unlimited coffee refills or a good cup of tea. 

We recommend the “Old Bailey” and the “Mars Attack”, two of their signature milkshakes. They also have milkshakes without alcohol, but these are two concoctions not to be missed! 

This hideout is situated at number 5 of Kingsland Road in a small media cafe. But be aware – you may be there until 2:30am, so be prepared to know when to leave before the party starts if you have places you need to be the next day.

Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House is a notorious spot and one of the most popular venues out of the Soho House group. Trust us when we say that during the daytime, Shoreditch House is a lively sanctuary and a freelance’s dream.

 They have everything you need or want in a place to tackle your “working from home” situation. Their half-price deals on Mondays give you a brilliant start into the week, in case you need some help paying the bills. Their ping-pong table, communal desk and benches at the side of the pool will make it seem like your office hours just fly by.

And in case you get bored with a great place or their lovely pool, they host weekly events where everyone is invited.

From live music to an open kitchen where you can learn to cook like those fancy chefs on TV, it is perfect for your networking experience and your culinary skills.

Shoreditch Grind

An undisputed favourite, Shoreditch Grind smashes with their authentic bean coffee, lightning speed Wi-Fi and a plethora of sockets. If you’ve got big dogs coming into town, book the private meeting room to impress them. It’s handily at 213 Old Street with the Northern line, and a million different bus stops close by. 

The best part? You can spend all day in “office” with a Hot Flat-White Russian in your hand that looks just like any other coffee. No one needs to know about the rum if you can keep a secret.

Best places to work from in Shoreditch
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In case you need something more robust, the other cocktails their bartenders will make as that mid-day drink are genuinely amazing.It is one of the best places if you are looking for something very well connected and with good coffee.

Now, with these places, you will have no excuses when it comes to focusing on the work ahead. Imagine it, you working on that project that refused to move forward and others have a perfect cocktail at your fingertips when it comes to toasting when you finally finish it.

if you’re looking for a way to stay fit without the monotony of a gym and some weights. Or just spending a few hours splashing around these pools are a great way to do it and the best? You won’t need sunscreen!

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