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If you’re looking to try something different and test your puzzle-solving ability, Shoreditch has a wide selection to choose from. You’ll find all the fun of logic problems to solve and brilliant fully immersive situations. Shoreditch’s escape rooms have something for every kind of escape room artist, so grab your mates and sign up to one of these awesome escape games. 

But remember: the adventure has a strict time limit, so choose your team wisely!


This escape game sets you into a World War II prisoner barrack where you’ll need to figure out how to escape. For this, you will need to know about a fellow ally who escaped before you did, a mate called Bob Hails (yes, this is important, so you should remember his name).

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This one is an adventure for a team of 3 to 5 – Escape Plan gives you a plethora of options to escape. You’ll find everything from great puzzles to some more intricate and mechanised rooms which are honestly brilliant. 

Escape Plan smashed it with this adventure and made it easy to understand if this is the first time you get involved in this kind of game. 

That being said, this quest is a challenge even if you are a veteran of escape rooms!

If you still think this might be easy, why not try opt in for the option with the random barracks searches and see what you can do against an SS officer taking away your tools… now that’s at an avengers threat level!


ClueQuest not only gives you one escape room, but oh no my friend, here you have three and PLUS another two VR experiences!

Portrait with the protagonists of Cluequest
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The three adventures from ClueQuest provide you with an immersive adventure to infiltrate, stop and sabotage the evil deeds of Dr Evil – woops sorry, that’s another intellectual property – we mean Dr Blacksheep, an evil genius and his not-so-smart sidekick. Both with a devilish plan for global domination that you and and your friends need to stop!

ClueQuest goes to great lengths to go beyond the limit to make their games even more interactive. Using technology, props and some pretty intense lighting to make the hour fly by while you’re immersed in this fun-filled experience.


Enigma create three amazing experiences for you to try, including a magical experience that takes you to the literature’s most famous and fancy wizard school (yes, you know where!)

letters with the names of the rooms at Enigma Quest
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Stakes still not high enough for you yet? Then why not pull off the biggest heist in history by trying to get out of the top security, laser-riddled bank vault that makes Bellagio look cute. 

Or you could go full nuclear like the Hunt of the Red October and try to defuse an atomic bomb capable of global destruction.

Mission: Breakout

The idea of an escape room situated underneath the street on an old disused tube station, a tube station well known for being a ghost tube may seem a little macabre, and it is! So beware, this is not for the faint-hearted. 

Choose the “Codebreakers” escape and you will be in the shoes of one the brave codebreakers of the Second World War. In this adventure, you will use your superior mind to undercover a confidential mastermind that threatens the country. 

For the other side with the “Lost Passenger” You will participate in a detective adventure to discover the true story of what happened to the lost passenger who disappeared from the station in 1924. Have fun with friends, solve some puzzles and complete your mission to breakout out of this historic ghost tube station.

Amazing, we know. Almost all of these challenges encourage teamwork. So they’re great to test how awesome you and your mates are at solving problems and imagining some impressive tricks to tackle hours of puzzles.

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