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Just because the class of 2020 have been robbed of their graduation ceremonies this summer does not mean we can’t celebrate in style. We’ve all worked tirelessly for our degrees and we deserve some recognition for the hours spent slaving away in the library writing essays and revising for exams. But having an at home graduation does have its perks: you can make it more personal and suited to your style.  

So, here is your guide to throw the ultimate quarantine graduation celebration with your social bubble. 

  1. Decorations 

Your décor needs to reflect the huge celebration at hand and even though this is not the biggest party ever with it being pretty limited to just your household, treat it like it is! Go crazy with balloons, banners, bunting and more, you can never have enough! You can either go for the classic black and gold colour scheme or even use your University colours. Party Delights have a fabulous range of graduation decorations to choose from to throw the perfect celebration:  

Party Delights Website:

  1. Decorate Mortarboard 

One of the bonuses of graduating at home is that instead of hiring the cap and gown, you can buy your own mortar board (the funny graduation hat) for cheap and then decorate it to make it your own. If you search through the rabbit hole of Pinterest and Instagram you will find hundreds of design inspirations. You could decorate your mortar board based around your favourite movie or football team or even a quote you find inspirational. This is your way of putting your stamp on the traditional cap and gown!

  1. Print Photos 

If you’re feeling nostalgic (which, let’s be real, we all are at this point), why not print off your favourite photos from your time at university and hand them in your garden or wherever you choose to hold your celebration? This is a lovely way to reflect on your unforgettable memories and remember the good times. But remember to maybe leave that picture of you throwing up at 3am out of the collection… unless you want to share some potentially embarrassing stories. 

  1. Zoom Call with Friends 

It wouldn’t be graduation without some kind of contact or fun with your friends who ensured you made it through university and provided endless laughter amidst essay breakdowns. Although you can’t be physically together, why don’t you organise a video call with each other to allow you to celebrate together? You could even arrange a university themed quiz with each round focusing on a different part of your experience. You could even download a virtual background of your university campus to really re-create the magic.  

  1. Food Spread 

No party is complete without food and if you’re not going to go all out on the food spread for this then when will you? This is your excuse to go to the boujee supermarket and get all the most luxury items which you couldn’t afford on a student budget. You could even make graduation cakes; nothing too fancy but you can get your hands on some amazing graduation cake decorations from Cake Craft Shop which will transform even the simplest of cakes into something worthy of Mary Berry. 

Cake Craft Shop Website:

  1. Order The Perfect Outfit 

Just because you won’t be walking across a stage in front of a thousand people does not mean you’re not worthy of the slickest and most gorgeous graduation outfit you can find. You don’t have to feel guilty about ordering a new outfit as there are plenty of deals on the Wrangle App at the moment to help keep the price down. For your graduation you’ve got to feel your best so why not splash out on a brand new dress or a fresh new suit; you’ve got to look the part to feel the part. 

  1. Have A Photoshoot 

Graduation photos are some of the most significant of your lifetime; don’t let being in your garden put a damper on that. Your family are obligated on this day to take as many photos of you as you like so make sure you get all the shots you want. If you really want to do something special you could even get a polaroid camera to take some vintage looking polaroids of your day and then you have that camera forever to document your post-grad adventures. 

Polaroid Website: 

  1. Create A Music Playlist 

Now, you can guarantee at a proper graduation ceremony the music playlist would not be nearly as iconic as the one you can make for your lockdown graduation. If you’re lost for inspiration on what to include you can even look to Spotify and explore their eclectic collection of Graduation playlists for all music tastes. A great playlist to start with is this classic one:  

  1. Watch An Online Graduation 

To finish off your celebrations why don’t you pop the Youtube Dear Class of 2020 virtual graduation? This example is jam packed with speeches from icons such as Barack & Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, as well as performances from BTS and Katy Perry. This will ensure you acquire a sprinkle of inspiration for navigating these crazy times and are ready to set out on the first day of the rest of your life.  

Youtube Dear Class of 2020: 

So there it is, your formula for the ultimate lockdown graduation. Just because you can’t have an in person ceremony does not mean you shouldn’t celebrate your incredible achievements. All of these celebrations do not need to cost a lot either (we know the struggles of student budgeting), you can check out the Wrangle App for an endless amount of deals to create this celebration for as cheap as possible.  

Congratulations class of 2020 – you’ve dealt with so much but it has only made you stronger. You did it! 


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